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Iron Door “Limited” Lifetime Warranty

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Adooring Designs warrants iron doors against structural defects for the lifetime on ironwork and welds as long as you own the home where the door has been installed. The lifetime warranty does not apply to the finish or ancillary components included in the door. Adooring Designs warrants the finish for 5 years and will repair or replace, at Adooring Designs’ sole discretion, the door. This warranty begins on the date of order as noted on the contract. All warranties are null and void if the installation is not performed by Adooring Designs personnel or Adooring Designs certified sub-contractors. All product finishes may age relative to exposure such as fading or discoloration and this is not covered by the finish warranty. The finish is warranted against flaking or peeling for 5 years. All Adooring Designs iron components are handcrafted and some designs may dictate that slight variances occur to preserve strength and rhythm. Adooring Designs reserves the right to make minor design adjustments in the spirit of this strength and rhythm. All products manufactured by Adooring Designs are “one of a kind” and as such may contain slight variations in color and design from any samples and drawings presented. There may also be slight variations in form and functionality of the product that may be different from any product inspected or viewed by the customer. Adooring Designs does not consider such “variations” to be defects, but rather a natural characteristic of the product that enhances its value and defines it as “one of a kind.” Such “variations” include but are not limited to hardware positioning, smoothness of edges on the ornamental iron designs, scale and positioning of scrollwork on the actual door compared to the approved drawing. Patterned glass may have “variation” due to the manufacturing process. Adooring Designs does not consider such “variations” to be defects but rather a natural characteristic of the manufacturing process of the glass. Adooring Designs warrants the double pane glass from moisture penetration and fogging as a result of normal operation for a period of 5 years. Glass that is scratched or damaged as a result of pets or foreign objects is not covered under this warranty. Scratches identified in glass after the installation is performed are not covered. Damages caused by accident, misuse, abuse or improper installation are not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover decorative iron pieces including shutters or iron inserts. This warranty does not cover damage caused by paint, acid, or other chemicals or adhesives being applied to the door. Labor or maintenance such as adjustments are not covered under this warranty. Locksets, hardware and other door components are covered under the conditions of each respective manufacturer’s warranties. Service charges may be applied to any repair or replacement of any components on the door. Important Note: Cleaning the door with tap water or pressure washing the door voids warranty. Please discuss proper cleaning techniques with Adooring Designs installation representatives. Adooring Designs reserves to right to change or make revisions the published warranty at any time. If there is a discrepancy from the published warranty and the warranty on the contract, the warranty on the contract shall be the governing document. If a signed contract cannot be provided by the customer, the warranty is null and void. The customer has the sole responsibility of providing the contract for warranty purposes. Business with Adooring Designs is subject to the Terms and Conditions found on our website. All new construction projects will be covered under individual builders warranty.